A Swallow’s Flight

A Swallow’s Flight featured in one of the last performances undertaken by Clare: a presentation of ‘Old water new water’ at Tullie House, Carlisle in November 2019. Clare’s reading is presented as part of a music and poetry project with Phil Furneaux of the Red Stone Trio, a project on the river Gelt in Cumbria where Clare lived for many years.

Showing text for 'A Swallow's Flight', a poem by Clare Crossman
‘A Swallow’s Flight’. Text © Estate of Clare Crossman













The video ‘Reeds in the Wind’, featuring Clare’s reading, was filmed by Phil Furneaux while on holiday in Blakeney, North Norfolk. Penny Callow composed this beautiful cello ensemble which inspired the lyrics of Phil’s saxophone. They were deeply touched by the loss of Clare, their friend and collaborator, who they closely worked with on their Gelt River Project and hope this tribute is worthy of Clare’s work and life. You can read Phil’s tribute to Clare on our home page, with links to more of Clare’s poems and the music of Phil, Penny and Rosh Singh (RedStone Trio) for the project.

For more of Clare’s readings, see Poem Readings. And you can also find Clare’s readings of her poems for the Waterlight Project at that project’s site.