Naturalist was one of twelve poems that Clare produced for a collaboration with artist Victor Ibanez in 2016: In the Blackthorn Time and other poems.

Publishing the collection in two posts for the ClimateCultures site in 2018, Clare said: “The poems are concerned with the state of the land and the natural world in the South Cambridgeshire countryside close to where I live. Recently, through volunteering with Melwood Conservation Group, I became very interested in climate change through contact with Bruce Huett, a member of the Climate Histories Group at Cambridge University. These poems were first performed at a small Pivotal Festival concerned with climate change, run by James Murray-White over a weekend on the site of the Cambridge Museum of Technology.” 

Clare: photo from the time the project with Victor was undertaken.
Naturalist: a poem by Clare Crossman with art by Victor Ibanez, 2016.
Text: Clare Crossman © 2016; Illustration: Victor Ibanez © 2016

You can read all twelve poems in their setting by Victor Ibanez in these two posts by Clare at ClimateCultures: In the Blackthorn Time and Naturalist.

For more of Clare’s readings, see Poem Readings. And you can also find Clare’s readings of her poems for the Waterlight Project at that project’s site.

All poems © Estate of Clare Crossman