Poem Readings

On this new page of Clare’s site, we will share a series of Clare’s readings of individual poems, along with the text.

You can also find many of Clare’s works in her Other Poems page – and of course in the books she published: the last being The Mulberry Tree (2021). And you can also find Clare’s readings of her poems for the Waterlight Project at that project’s site.


‘Crossings’ was first published in In Other Words Anthology #2 (Allographic Press, Cambridge) and was included in Clare’s collection The Blue Hour (Shoestring Press, 2017)

A poem about a sunflower grower with a farm shop near Cambridge. First published in Scintilla in 2006 and appears in Fen Song, a CD of poems and songs.

Willow appeared on the CD Fen Song from 2006.
The Pear Tree

The Pear Tree is taken from a performance of ‘The Pear Tree and other poems’, a poetry and artistic collaboration between Clare Crossman and Victor Manuel Ibanez. 

All poems © Estate of Clare Crossman.